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team - small team
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - some
market - #Investment #Infrastructure
Apr 29th 2018
3 months ago
Jul 29th 2018
in 7 days

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We are an Australian based company seeking to raise funds from the issue of Aqua Tokens (AQUAX) through the smart contract system, deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

The purpose of this ICO is to use these funds to scale production, and move iAqua beyond the current start-up phase.  The Project is to expand and scale up sustainable freshwater aquaculture facility to supply Murray Cod - a premium value fish in Australian and selected export markets.

This opportunity is being driven by three key elements that together make a powerful and compelling case to invest in Aqua Tokens. Simply put, the world needs more and more fish to eat. Where are they going to come from? The answer is farmed fish and not those caught from wild stocks, suffering from depletion.

This increasing demand for fish is a global mega trend that represents a huge opportunity for aquaculture companies such as iAqua. Combined with a superior product in the form of the iconic Australian Murray Cod fish species, and the deployment of proven sustainable production technology puts iAqua on track for success.




Mr Valery Kovalevskiy
Managing Director, Co-founder
Dr Inna Kuznetsova
Biologist, Chief Science Officer
Alex Hoffman
Legal Counsel
Madeleine Burkitt
Multimedia production
Paul Tuohy
Marketing and communications
Svetlana Kovalevskaya
Treasurer, Co-founder


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