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Jan 20th 2018
4 months ago
Mar 3rd 2018
3 months ago

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Hyde & Co. is a 'collective' Hedge fund that use the power of A.I to buy and sell securities.


By purchasing the tokens you are buying the right to receive 40% of the profits of the fund we will manage using part of the money raised in the ICO. The fund is closed-ended, meaning that it will be closed to outside investors that do not own HYD tokens. During the ICO the HYD tokens will remain ‘locked’ to transfers, but right after the crowdsale ends, all the tokens will be unlocked and can be traded on major exchanges.


Our fund is a long-short fund. By using Artificial intelligence, our trading system scans market data, identify securities that are likely to appreciate in value and also the ones that are likely to fall, and trade them accordingly. In the figure below, it is shown the simulated growth between 2006-2016 of 10.000 USD invested in the fund.



Genival da Silva Jr.


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