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Foxico наиболее полный список проектов, которые проводят ICO с наиболее надежными рейтингами ICOs от blockchain экспертов и инвесторов. Foxico предоставляет подробный анализ проекта, помогающий вам быстро принять решение об инвестировании!

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авг. 17-го 2017
10 месяцев назад
авг. 31-го 2017
10 месяцев назад

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Hubii Network is a blockchain-based decentralised content marketplace that facilitates transactions between creators, distributors and consumers by leveraging the power of smart contracts. Kickstarting this marketplace is Hubii’s existing distribution network reaching out to over 50 million people.

By replacing the middlemen with an ecient infrastructure, content creators earn more, distributors pay less and consumers have more choices. Smart contracts and ‘smart crowdfunding’, all using our native cryptocurrency, Hubiits, will shape the content industry of the future.

Hubii is a Norwegian startup with headquarters in Bergen and subsidiaries in the USA and Singapore. Hubii have received international recognition as a location-based news aggregator and established global partnerships with leading companies across the world. Hubii has been working between content creators and distributors (telecom operators, OEMs, and app developers), facilitating the development of their own products using Hubii’s engine.


Jacobo Toll-Messia
CEO & Founder
Jens Ivar Jørdre
Mark Briscombe
Special Adviser
Øyvind Pedersen Jr
Special Adviser, CEO & Founder
Torbjørn Kanestrøm
Hans Hvide
Adviser, Professor of Economics and Finance

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