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Honestis.Network is a system of application which will bring your life to the next level of security, variety and effectivity. You’ll be on your own path, and you’ll define your own way of engaging others. Your journey will be safe. Its pace will match your needs. Social media has become an everyday activity, and the truth is that its purpose is to consume your time, making you click ads and buy things you don’t need. The fact is, that the crucial element of today’s social media is ads effectiveness. Without it, social media wouldn’t exist.Decentralized applications based on blockchain and p2p technology clouds, fogs and grids have no agenda. The infrastructure is users, community itself. There is no operator forcing a way of behavior. Token economy model works like that. It’s not about a single’s company income. It’s about a product, its quality, transparency, and community.

Honestis.Network is your personal path, where you define how it crosses other people's paths in society, providing you with a safe journey around it and your individuality at a pace that suits you and your needs. Honestis.Network is a new way to communicate, trade and expose your identity. Identity which is based on your relations. Portable Digital Identity that will bring credibility, which is in our collective interest. Signatures Chain of Trust to support your identity by worldwide community. Creating new network of trust. Become owner of portable Identity which is yours and should be guarded strongly. Trade human to human gaining reputation for being theft or honest. Every ETH ETC token acceptable to be switched. HONESTISoNETWORK is to protect all your data and relations and you and your privacy. Honest and clear communication without algorithms as middleman and hazards from machine.


Tomasz Waszczyk
Front end developer
Brennan Bennett
CBO Health Informatics
Adam Ziółkowski
Graphic designer
Mateusz Hirsch
Project Manager and Software BackEnd Developer in banking sector, crypto enthusiast
Maciej Wierzbowski


Kallol Roy
Early advisor
Alan Yong


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