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bookmark6.5 /10

team - strong

mvp - no

idea - usual

competitors - high

market - #b2c

Nov 16th 2017
8 months ago
Dec 27th 2017
7 months ago

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Homni is a new decentralized messenger using Blockchain Technology aimed at providing communication security with the ability to commercialize personal content while maintaining complete anonymity. To use Homni, one does not need to provide any personal information - neither a phone number, nor an email address. The messenger system allows one to remain completely anonymous, with no disclosure of information regarding the identity of the user or the recipient of messages; therefore, any disclosure of identities or content is impossible, meaning that users are safe from all backlash related to their conversations on Homni. 


Oleksandr Dolynskyi
Artem Lukashevich
Konstantin Chugalinskyi
Henry Cooper
Security Specialist
Sergey Smetanin
Senior Developer
Timur Savelyev
Marketing Product Manager
Akihiro Yoneda
Product Manager
Kateryna Zinovska
Community Manager
Eugenie Evita Gani
PR Manager


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