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nov. 13º 2017
hace 7 meses
may. 14º 2018
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The idea for built into a reality from a belief that the site can and will change the way people seek help. With the current broken recruiting system, too many qualified candidates with multiple skills are being overlooked by recruiters. Not to mention the multitude of overwhelming candidates that bombard recruiters with under-qualified results that limits their ability to find their ideal candidate. However, this is not just a place to connect candidates with recruiters. The site is also going to offer an ability for businesses, project seekers, and talented individuals to connect with decision makers across the global to build relationships.

The Hagglecoin is being offered to help build the platform to support this vision. Below are some highlights:


  • Free advertisement for members
  • Provides direct communication with diverse resources
  • Ideal opportunity to negotiate potential pricing and compensation
  • Unlimited access to resources
  • Ability to upload pictures, portfolios, resumes, and videos

The team building this vision comes with years of experience in multiple fields of expertise. You can become part of this opportunity by purchasing hagglecoins. Visit to learn more.


Russ Meyers
Founder and CEO


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