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HackenProof Bug Bounty Marketplace

HackenProof is a bug bounty marketplace platform created by white hat hackers and the blockchain community based on the principle of fair share. This is a place where the two communities can cooperate and support each other. The purposes of this cooperation are high quality penetration testing and vulnerability reports for a premium fee paid to community members submitting these reports. How Does It Work? 1) Customers sign up for the bounty hunting program, choose a defined program policy, decide on invitations and rewards and set the level of bounty payment. 2) Our experts help customers setup and customise their program, and manage it if need be. 3) After the scope of the security assessment is established our team invites the Hacken community to participate in the assessment. 4) Hundreds of white hats evaluate the customer’s code for vulnerabilities and bugs. 5) Community members receive a fee for discovering valuable vulnerabilities.

Unreported Zero-Day Remuneration Platform

Hacken team will create a remuneration fund for unreported zero-day vulnerabilities. Hacken will support bright technology experts, by financially rewarding their original and previously undisclosed zero-day research.

Hacken Accelerator

It is great when your employees decide to start their own business. That is an indicator that their current employment is enriching, inspiring and empowering. Contributor Benefits 1) Hacken co-finance the projects and share the risks with contributors. Hacken will contribute in up to 25% of the equity of startups that they accelerate. 2) The Hacken marketing platform and our marketing team will be available to train accelerator participants, jointly develop the market entry strategy and help them successfully execute it. 3) Hacken Analytics Center will help participants of the acceleration program to research competition and relevant customer segments and develop a unique customer value proposition.

Cybersecurity Analytics Center

Hacken team is going to create a team of analysts, who will perform fundamental cybersecurity research, as well as monitor and audit existing and upcoming cybersecurity products.

HackIT Conference

Hackit is an annual international forum on cybersecurity held in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The first HackIT Conference gathered 450 participants from two countries, the second had 650 participants from six countries. Besides the traditional speaking panels featuring local and international experts, HackIT runs a number of specialized cybersecurity competitions, which are free for everyone to participate.


Dmytro Budorin
Co-founder, CFO
Nikita Knysh
White Hat Hacker Community Director
Dr. Yegor Aushev
Business Development Director
Andrii Matiukhin
HackenProof Technical Director


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