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team - strong team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - some
market - #gambling #gaming #betting
Feb 27th 2018
in 3 days
Apr 25th 2018
in 2 months

The Gron Digital Platform is one of a kind within the sector. The founders of the project are experienced industry players with solid knowledge and a ready product offering. We are not in MVP stage. Many other Gambling related projects on the Blockchain and ICO's are done for the wrong reasons. Our value proposition is to protect the consumers and maximise the profit of the Gambling and Betting industry players. We engage with Regulators and Legal Advisors. We use reputable Auditors to control public funds.


Tebogo Makamo
Dmitry Oberzhitsky
Alex Braude
Peter Frangiskakis
Business Development
Wendy Case
Head of Marketing
Artur Timoshin
System Architect
Vladimir Dotsenko
UX/UI Game and Sports betting designer
Sean O'Reilly
Software Engineer
Louis Pires
Software Engineer


André Wilsenach
Walter Staffetius
Lucien Wijsman
Alpheus Matsebula


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