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Nov 16th 2017
8 months ago
Dec 16th 2017
7 months ago

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The disruptor of $3 trillion dollar global betting

"Goal Bonanza is a football betting platform based on the ethereum blockchain framework and ERC20 token standard. The product offers a unique football betting experience by combining lottery mechanics and football betting on 10 possible football game final score outcomes where the crowd drives the size of the game pot and the potential returns. Unlike traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges that offer unattractive odds and low returns, the unique game mechanics of Goal Bonanza opens the opportunity for very high returns. The bigger the crowd the bigger are the potential returns easily reaching six figures. In simple terms, imagine $100,000+ in returns on 1$ bet by successfully predicting the final score of a football game out of 10 possible outcomes. This is what makes Goal Bonanza a unique proposition in the football betting marketplace.


Veljko Ristic
Jon Santillan


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