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Feb 23rd 2018
5 months ago
Apr 23rd 2018
3 months ago

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GO LIVE Entertainment’s GO LIVE Entertainment’sA GLCoin is the native digital asset on the GOLIVE ENTERTAINMENT Platform Livee-commerce blockchain that allows for purchase between entertainment providers and entertainment seekers to happen with out fees.  Purchase fee-less base concert tickets or other entertainment provided by the thousands of entertainment providers who engage on the platform.  Go Live has removed convenience fees and process fees as incentives to encourage desired user behavior on the platform. Go wants to the global place for searches and purchases of entertainment is to create a globally platform 

GLCoin Can be used anywhere on the Go Live platform is to create a globally platform to use our own GLCcoin to make purchases in the eco-systems by Allowing you to convert your money without convenience and processing fees. 

GLCoin Can be used anywhere on the Go Live platform right from your smartphone, using the GO LIVE app.


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