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Jan 8th 2018
5 months ago
Feb 8th 2018
4 months ago

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GIZA DEVICE brings all-in-one cold hardware cryptowallet and password manager with multiple key features including u2f system, encrypted file storage, emergency data destruction and decentralized backup option. Everything in waterresistant body.

Password Manger

GIZA Device provides full-fledged feature of hardware password manager. It can be used as a centralised vault and helps in changing password regularly to enhance security. It also helps you in managing detective and preventive control via approval workflows with a real-time alert on password use.

Hardware Password Manager doesn't require any software or mobile app. You can enter your keys and passwords directly from your GIZA device, using it just like a USB Keyboard.

Built-in battery allows you to generate TAN passwords anywhere.

Cold Cryptowallet

GIZA is an innovative hardware cryptowallet, supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and more than 10 other cryptocurrencies, ERC20 and ERC23 tokens.

The Device is powered by the built-in battery which supports hours of autonomous workflow in the active use mode.

An innovative feature offered by GIZA device is Emergency Data Erasure, which can be activated in three different ways:

a) Pseudo Master Password input. This password is generated during the setting up procedure with the Real Master Password and can be used in any unfriendly situation whenever user is forced to betray Master Password.

b) Secret joystick combination, which can be configured at any time in Settings

c) Incorrect input of the master password more than X times. The X number can be also set up in Settings and come in use whenever your device falls into the wrong hands.

Encrypted File Storage

GIZA Device will also provide an encrypted storage facility, a secure digital storage for managing sensitive information such as digital identities, documents, passwords, etc. of your individual or organisational needs. You can use the GIZA hardware wallet for various data and information for mobility. It provides you with a facility of 16 Gb memory to store valuable files, documents and backups.

All GIZA Device's backups being stored within blockchain system and encrypted. We don't even have a chance to access your personal information. And at the same time your cryptoassets, personal keys and files are protected from being hacked or stolen thanks to our intelligent encryptyon.


Marco Fike
Ivan Larionov
PCB Designer
Dmitriy Shishov
Ilya Stolyarov
Software Engineer
Pavel Larionov
Lead Software Developer
Faisal Rahman
Sofware Application Engineer
Anastsiya Shishova
Software Developer
Dmitry Lisin
Software Developer
Pavel Vorobyov
Design Engineer
Yahya Mukhtar
Web Developer
Karina Dovgalo
Community manager


Cal Evans
Legal Advisor
Jason Hung
Smart Contract Advisor
Nikolay Zvezdin
Business Strategy Advisor


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