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team - mid-level team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Mining
May 1st 2018
2 months ago
Dec 30th 2018
in 5 months

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GID Coin has to become an international currency covered by two most valuable precious goods in the world, powered and secured by Blockchain.

GID Coin will be related with the real business concerned with mining and procession of diamonds and gold.

Team of GID Coin are professionals with 8 years of experience in diamond business and 5 years in golden business. Have broad connections in Africa, Russia and Canada. Working very close with miners of gold and rough diamonds (governmental and private) have connections with Belgian and Israel cutters of diamonds and also have connections with gold refineries in Austria, UAE and Andorra.

GID Coin is supported by well-known persons, which are Advisors of the ICO.



Oleg Tkachev
Founder & CEO
Alex Konviser
Business Development Director
Evan Kirstel
Public relations Director
Slava Sokoltsov
ICO Development Director
Valeri Arenas
Creative Director


Carlos Creus Moreira
Blockchain Advisor
Roderich Hess
Gold Processing Advisor
Alex Yudovich
Legal Advisor


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