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Jun 25th 2017
a year ago
Jul 25th 2017
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GeoFounders is a software collective focused on building blockchain-related applications and services. Using tokens called GeoUnits (GUNS), revenue collected by the GeoFounders software catalogue is automatically divvied up for token holders via smart contracts and trusted oracles. A small portion of the revenue is cycled back into the collective to further increase the collective's application catalogue, which in turn increases the token value and revenue payouts. GeoFounders software leverages custom-made middleware to provide compatibility with a growing list of different blockchain platforms. GeoFounder developers & approved third-parties create applications compatible with multiple blockchain platforms. Profit accrues through application fees, which are held for GeoFounder token holders to take out at any time. A small percentage of funds are cycled back into development to further increase app catalog & total value.


Edward Shull
Business & marketing
Shaun Shull
Lead programmer
Michael Shull
Programming & marketing


Alex Barlow
Partner & advisor
Chris Kissel
Partner & advisor
John Law
Partner & advisor
Danny Roberts
Partner & advisor


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