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Jan 1st 2018
7 months ago
May 1st 2018
3 months ago

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Our GB Systems consists of several banks located in the territory of the European Union, Russia also the bank in the territory of the United States of America, and also shortly will be open our ranks will be joined by bank from China. Our financial system constantly develops and aims for improvement for our clients. For this purpose we reunited in one large world finance network which can provide banking services of all for our clients and people the directions, the currency of GBCoin, cryptocurrency stock exchange GBMarkets - where each person, or the professional trader, will be able to increase the capital, by trade at the exchange. For convenience also we create a cold purse of GB Wallet with all services of a payment service provider. Even for increase in the capital for clients, we create GB Fund where on trust management, the client can earn the quite good percent charged once a month to work on it our professional traders. Our financial system constantly every month increases, further in the subsequent offices in the different countries will be opened that will allow to use our services to the citizen of this or that country. Our services are loyal to all to our clients. We grant consumer loans, car loans, mortgage crediting, under the minimum percent, opens deposit and investment deposits, deposits on trust management, insurance with great opportunities, the exchange of currencies, payment system, it will also be possible to pay with our cryptocurrency GBCoin taxi services in the different countries, to pay for tours at tour operators, On the system of loyalty to have an opportunity to receive discounts and cash back in grocery stores of partners and many other things. With us you will have everything in one system and it will not be necessary to address to third-party structures. Convenience and Quality to all clients.


Igor Narkevich
Creator GB Systems
Vitaly Maslennikov
Business partner of GB Systems on the system of loyalty GoTravel in Russia


Rinat Abrarov
Co-owner and managing director GB Network and Adviser GB Systems


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