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bookmark7.5 /10
球隊 - 好的隊伍
mvp - 是
理念 - 通常
競爭對手 - 許多
市場 - #Platform #CustomerService
5月 1日 2018
2 個月前

8月 2日 2018
1 個月內

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Gastery is a food-tech startup designed to automate interaction of restaurants and their visitors. Platform is based on the geolocation, blockchain technology & smart contracts, and use of QR codes. The value of this project for the HoReCa industry is to improve quality and speed of service as well as to raise income of catering facilities.


Igor Plotnikov
CSO / CO-founder
Vishniakov Nikita
CEO / CO-founder
Pankratov Ilya
CTO / CO-founder
Krishtopa Pavel
Sales manager
Chetouane Mohamed
Copywriter & Translator
Kiruhina Maria
UI/UX Designer
Chizhkov Vadim
Blockchain developer


Karimov Roman
Entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast
Orlov Ilya
CEO and CO-founder of TravelChain
Petlyuk Vladislav
The owner of coffee shops franchise CoffeeIn



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