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Jul 19th 2017
10 months ago
Jan 19th 2018
4 months ago

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GamePlayerCoin team are being responsible for the design and operation of GPC. It promotes the development and innovation of the game industry with block chain technology and makes GamerPlayerCoin to be the preferred digital currency in the industry.


- The digital currency GPC (GamePlayerCoin) will be launched to the trading market for investors after the ICO is completed. - GPC crowd funding will provide crowd funding platform based on GPC for independent game development teams. -GPC Game Store will provide sales platform which settles account with GPC for games based on GPC crowd funding or from third-party. - GPC Payment Platform will provide In-Game payment platform based on GPC for game developers. - GPC Sponsorship Platform will provides sponsorship platform for game developers or anchors, which allows players to sponsor them with GPC to promote the creation of more quality content.


Richmond Kwok
Chief Executive Officer - Founder
David Williams
Chief Technology Officer
Jordan Heise
Lead Blockchain developer


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