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Apr 3rd 2018
4 months ago
May 1st 2018
3 months ago

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FreeZone is the World's first Free Crypto Economic Zone for starting and developing blockchain business legally without any potential risks.

FreeZone is to become a new ecosystem for blockchain business and the 1st integrated zone of its kind.

It will include: 

- A Free Crypto Economic Zone

- A libertarian blockchain community.

- A financial infrastructure comprising five businesses

FreeZone stands for: 

- Taking an interest in the development of blockchain technologies at government level; 

- Ensuring the legality of using blockchain technologies and conducting business using cryptocurrencies;

- Transparent and stable soft regulation by the state; 

- Soft KYC  / AML procedures; 

- Minimal or no taxation; 

- Liberal currency regulation and a soft visa policy; 

- Setting up the infrastructure to facilitate business using blockchain technologies.


 FreeZone is developing a financial infrastructure specifically for blockchain businesses within the Free Crypto Economic Zone:

        universal trading platform

        fiat crypto bank

        crypto investment bank

        fiat-crypto payment system

        marketing agency



Nikolay Batalin
President of Freezone Corp, co-founder
Evgeny Mukhin
CEO, co-founder
Denis Kolesnikov
CIO, co-founder
Evgeny Makhankov
Head of Legal Department
Tatyana Chlenova
Senior lawyer
Vasiliy Maryutenkov
BlockChain Developer
Kamilo D. Aranda
IT Developer and Database Manager
Igor Troshin
HRD Freezone Corp
Nadezhda Eliseeva
ITSM Manager of Freezone Corp.
Aleksey Aksenov
DevOps Engineer
Teona Gurgenidze
Communications Manager in FreeZone Corp.
Ashot Tsaturov
Financial Analyst
Ksenia Peshcherova
PR Manager
Samaya Amrakhova
PR Manager
Anastasia Kosova
PR Manager
Sergey Ruban
Web Designer
Sergey Netylko
IT Developer
Petr Fedorov
Financial Manager
Dmitriy Sushkov
Financial Specialist
Elena Kuzmenkova
HR Manager


Dr. Titus Gebel
FreeZone Advisor / Founder, President & CEO of Free Private Cities Inc.
Dr. Walter Tonetto
FreeZone Advisor / Technopreneur and ASEAN expert
Joel Lautier
FreeZone Advisor / Head and founder of RGG Capital
Giorgi Tabidze
FreeZone Advisor / General Manager
Paulius Stankevicius
FreeZone Advisor / Founder & CEO at Stankevicius MGM Consulting
Sachidanand Swami
FreeZone Advisor / Founder of INVOXEL Technologies Company
Ratko Stambolija
FreeZone Advisor / Marketing specialist
Dalbir Singh
FreeZone Advisor / Head of Deptt, Indian National Congress, Global Co President of Eurasian Peoples Assembly
Paweł Przeciszewski
FreeZone Advisor /Polish consul
Ajay Chaturvedi
FreeZone Advisor / Founder of KFN ( and HarVa (
Jonathan Nip
FreeZone Advisor / Making world-class education accessible across Africa ALU Education
Sumit Bhandari
FreeZone Advisor / Business development and client relationship In digital platforms, India IT and innovation advisor
Pasaraporn Pengie
FreeZone Advisor / CEO в Pengie Thaizone Skincare
Bariş Mutlu
FreeZone Advisor in Telecommunication Law and Mass Media


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