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Nov 22nd 2017
7 months ago
Dec 13th 2017
6 months ago

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Flowfeed aims to be the number one social platform globally to buy and sell content and information. There is currently no platform on the market where content providers can easily and quickly get paid for their content. A platform that is dynamic and in real-time. Flowfeed aims to solve this problem.

Additionally, the founders also envision that Flowfeed’s cryptocurrency based platform will eventually become the primary blockchain solution to enable content transfer, information transfer, and knowledge transfer. With time and community backing, Flowfeed tokens may be used on any platform where the transfer of content, information and knowledge is required.

For details and specifics (including business model) the white paper can be viewed here:

Thousands have already signed up during the Pre-ICO community allocation.


Amanda Hulskamp
Chief Financial Officer


Jason Fitch
Managing Director: Business Development/Advisory
Rhett Dinsdale
Business Development/Account Management/Advisory


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