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Dec 20th 2017
6 months ago
Jan 20th 2018
5 months ago

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First Token Asia aspires to be the leading Crypto Investment Bank to our Clients: we believe that sophisticated token structures and well executed Initial Token Offerings can allow even non-blockchain based businesses to leverage on the cryptocurrency capital markets for their financing needs.  

Our core propositions are as follows:

  1. Not only will blockchain technology prove a game changer in terms of pure technical innovation, we believe that the ICO mechanism can potentially disrupt even traditional capital markets and finance as we know of today, yielding a new era of what we consider "Capital Markets 2.0".
  2. Asia is home to several of the world's largest and fastest growing economies, more than 66% of the world's population, as well as 30% of all Unicorns in the world today.  In spite of this - venture capital funding to the region remains at merely 11% of total VC-backed financing.
  3. We believe there is very real and under-served demand for ICO-based financing from Asian businesses.
  4. Unlike most other ICO Advisory Platforms, the FTA team is made up primarily of seasoned banking professionals, all of whom born and bred in Asia and culturally sensitive to Asian needs and customs.  FTA seeks to differentiate itself from other ICO advisors by playing up our advisory and structuring background, as well as a willingness to handhold our clients throughout the ICO process.
  5. The FTA token has inbuilt smart contract features which allow tokenholders to vote - in exchange for rewards - on which prospective ICOs are the most attractive amongst FTA's deal pipeline.  FTA intends to leverage on community involvement/ market forces to identify the most attractive ICOs to bring to market.
  6. In an industry that is near impossible for any regulator to effectively govern, we believe that the ICO market needs to function based on self-governance.  We view one possible way in which the market could evolve could be that ICOs backed by credible Advisors such as FTA gradually come to be viewed as quasi-regulated and hence more reputable given the additional layer of third party supervision.


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