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Sep 19th 2017
9 months ago
Nov 19th 2017
7 months ago

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Fidcom is the first decentralized investment company in the sphere of crypto money and blockchain technology. The word ‘decentralized’ means that the company is managed by community (asset holders). All members of the community have a voting right in decision making on the company’s strategic development. All financial indexes, transaction history, vote results are available for view due to blockchain technology. This is made with the sole aim of minimizing an investor’s risk and make the company’s business transparent. At the initial stage the company is planning to work in a few areas: - creating a portfolio of the most popular and perspective crypto currencies as well as managing the portfolio; - PoW mining, direct minion of crypto currencies on special computing hardware; - investments in the most perspective start ups in blockchain technology on the basis of their analyses by IT specialists, information specialists and rick managers; - launching its own crypto stock exchange and providing its liquidity with an option to connect the stock exchange wallets to plastic cards; - developing iOS and Android applications to manage the stock exchange assets and enabling payments; - creating a gate between fiat and crypto currencies. These areas are going to be financed on the basis of the market situation at a given moment. The most promising and profitable areas will get a higher priority. The decisions are going to be taken through voting by communities. The finance management will be carried out by currently practicing risk managers. The investment company is created with the aim of taking a leading position in the global market of crypto currencies and investments in the sphere of blockchain.


Oleg Sayfullin
Business development
Vadim Arzhannikov
Finance Department
Bulat Galimov
Technical Department


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