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team - strong team
mvp - yes
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #CreditTransactionNetwork
ZAZ rated*
Jan 18th 2018
6 months ago
May 15th 2018
2 months ago

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FIC Network is a blockchain-based, end-to-end, decentralised fixed income assets network that will enable the listing, exchange, securitization, and redemption of fixed income financial instruments. FIC Network is an asset-agnostic, multi-currency distributed ledger with rules and applications specific to the fixed income industry. The technology is scalable to the global fixed income and debt markets, which exceed US$230 trillion.

Pre-sale starts January 18 and will finish once $5 million is reached or March 25, whichever is first. Public sale will begin March 25.


Arturs Ivanovs
Alvar Soosaar
Aigars Staks
co-founder, Architect
Kalvis Kalnins
Co-founder, Developer
Anatoly Ressin
Head of Technology
Agnese Kerubina
Chief Scientist & Product Support Manager
Peteris Ratnieks
Backend & Blockchain Developer


Jed McCaleb
George Popescu
Joseph Guagliardo
Matiss Ansviesulis
Angel Colon


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