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Oct 1st 2017
9 months ago
Oct 31st 2017
8 months ago

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Growth should be obsession

Our vision Growth should be obsession Feeed is a cryptocurrency Since currencies like the USD or the EURO are no longer backed with gold, no more currency is backed. Feeed's real interest lies here. For statups growth is everything, for Feeed to be backed is everything. We use the power of startups to make our money silk stable, constantly evolving, and competitive. Each of the startup auctions in which we invest will be a backed power. Our currency will not be backed on the weak growth of a country. But on the huge growth of startups.

Be an army

Community is everything, do more everydays. Power is in the hands of the Feeed community. We will do everything for you. You can even use the power of our economy to pay everywhere with a credit card.

Statups are going to save the world

We help you achieve goals that conventional businesses can not achieve .. Feeed will help you have an impact. As an entrepreneur, they are three things that you need, capital, talent and time. For capital, Feeed will invest on you.

Success is obvious


Anthony BESSON
Cofounder, Thought Leader and core dev.
Guillaume VIGNAL
Cofounder, Marketing.
Vahan Hovhannisyan
Communication manager


Aldin Basic
Community manager, Advisor


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