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ZAZ rated*
Jun 1st 2018
2 months ago
Jul 31st 2018
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FarmaTrust seeks to use blockchain and AI to eliminate counterfeit medicines and also to automate regulatory compliance, automatic payments, automatic audits. We want to provide 'just in time' delivery of drugs thereby preventing price spikes in medicines by ensuring there is even distribution of medicines across the globe to the places where they are needed, when they are needed. Our system can prevent returns fraud, and waste through expired drugs.

The Pharmaceutical industry is worth $1.3trn pa, the counterfeit drugs industry is estimated at $200bn pa and the supply chain mechanism is $80bn per annum. Between 50,000 and 1m people per year die from fake medicines.


Cross Platform
FarmaTrust works with any system, and is compatible with any platform. It is safe, secure, encrypted, and immutable.

Artificial Intelligence
FarmaTrust utilises AI technology to analyze data to create efficiency and interact with users.

Big Data
FarmaTrust system provides the most comprehensive data about the pharmaceutical industry in real time and globally.

FarmaTrust system works internationally, with differing serial numbers, different regulations and different countr



Raja Sharif
Anthony St John
David Allen Cohen
Peter Bryant
Shahnawaz Aziz
Steve Mcavoy
Head of Implementation
Dr Jenny Lee
Social Media lead
Eszter Bohus
Head of Global Brand & Markcomms
Jeffrey Middelbos
Community Manager


Stephen Cole
Advisory board member
Chris Saynor
Advisory board member
Timothy Mackey
Advisory board member
Kate Enright
Advisory board member


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