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Jan 1st 2018
7 months ago
Mar 14th 2018
4 months ago

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We at Extra Credit, are the first company to start empowering people to learn about cryptocurrencies. It is a twofold effort with Bitcoin Homework, the new venture combines blockchain technology with educational programs designed to teach people about cryptocurrencies, even as they share in the digital payment for perhaps the first time.


Extra Credit is a new website that has laid out an ambitious roadmap for the following year and more; it is aimed at developing the way people learn about cryptocurrencies. There is a one-stop location where any questions can be answered, and people can learn how to invest in the technology so as not to miss out on its stunning potential.


They can test their progress of learning with our weekly quizzes, which help them achieve the most benefits from their efforts. 


Very soon Extra Credit and Bitcoin Homework will be introducing a mobile app, allowing students to learn about cryptocurrencies on their phone or tablet. The end of 2018 brings, even more developments, including the development of an online podcast for further learning and an innovative Open Source platform, which will open the Extra Credit programs up to any college or educational institution with the foresight to adopt them.


We really hope you could help promote our new venture.


Please read more about us on our website




BitcoinHomework Educational Portal:


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SEO Manager
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Head of Marketing
Ralph B
Developer / Engineer


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