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team - good team
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market - #realestatefund
Feb 1st 2018
5 months ago
Apr 30th 2018
2 months ago

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Evareium, award-winning digital real estate token incorporating disruptive blockchain technologies.

Real estate is the largest investment asset class at around US$ 220 trillion in value globally. Evareium’s award-winning strategy is focused on leveraging BlockChain technology by digitalizing real estate investments and incorporating the technology into the operation and management of those assets.


The current Evareium offer is a two-tiered token issuance:


1) The Evareium investment token, EVM, is a tangible asset-backed token acquiring real estate to carry out business refocus and operational improvements, building remediation, energy savings and incorporate blockchain technology into the operation, monitoring and management systems of the real estate assets with the goal of creating a portfolio of Smart Buildings, with disciplined private equity principles as the foundation of the strategy. Investors accrue benefits from the economic interests of the assets/investments — investment returns generated from the acquisition of the portfolio, rental yields generated and gains on the eventual disposal. EVM’s value accretion basis is a fundamental investment-oriented one.


2) Along with the issuance of EVM to investors, there will be a follow-on issuance of the Evareium Utility token, EVT, as a credit to subscribers after the ITO. The benefits are generated from their intrinsic value and use as EVT and blockchain technology provides the transactional functionality of the assets, essentially the cryptocurrency of the acquired real estate portfolio leveraging value from rents and ancillary transactions through the assets. EVT’s value accretion basis is its use-based.


Further, partners Alex Norta of QTUM and Cedex etc fame and Block Gemini Technologies developed Evareium into a compelling futuristic ecosystem model vision which takes the interplay between real estate elements and stakeholders into the decentralized, digitalized era.



PRE-SALE Dates: February 1st, Bonuses: Investors in EVM get a 42.8% bonus on EVM tokens and 100% like-for-like credit towards EVT. But this is only available for a limited period only. 

Official ITO: Reducing weekly discounts and lesser bonus EVT offerings. (More details can be found on our website.)


EVM Par Value of US$ 1.00


Stefan Hickmott
CEO. Senior professional expertise and experience spanning 23-years in private equity
Mark Wilson
Principal - Investments. Mark has over 16-years of experience in corporate finance advisory, corporate development and asset management.
Avik K. Rakhit
Associate Director - Investments. Avik has garnered over 20-years of senior professional real estate advisory and development expertise, working extensively for major firms in Dubai, elsewhere in the Arabian Gulf, Asian and European markets
David O'Riley
Asset Inspections and Remediation. Specialist in the implementation of energy saving technologies and MEP
David Pryce
Asset Inspections and Remediation. 40 years’ experience in manufacturing, project management, sales and marketing in a wide variety of industries and at the senior management level
Matthew T. Ranson
Corporate Strategist. Experience spanning 21 years in corporate strategy, branding and communications across multiple sectors
Andrew Rowlstone
Head of Investor Relations. Professional experience gained across multiple senior executive positions held in London, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates
Katy Allafranco
Head of Marketing
Sergey Petkevich
Blockchain Specialist. Has worked with multiple companies, having a primary focus on FinTech, e-commerce, and trading.
Alex Norta
Blockchain Scientist. Experience in smart contract research for over 16 years.
A respected member of crypto currency community. Since 2016 he has led the Peercoin project and invented the PeerAssets token protocol.


Paul Moynan
Advisor. ITO Ambassador. Global entrepreneur and operations expert. Co-Founder Dragon Coin
Phillip Nunn
Advisor. Entrepreneur, CEO and international speaker on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and fintech.
Dr. Gery Maes Van de Vorst
Advisor. 25 years international business experience, including investing strategy, political – economical advices and apportioned family wealth management and corporate finances
Christian Papathanasiou
Advisor. Director at DarkMatter, overseeing the management of teams responsible for technical IT security within DarkMatter's CISO organisation
Desmond Marshall,Jonathan Lane,Ivan Wood
Advisor. The founder and MD of Rouge Ventures, an investment and strategic consulting firm in Asia, that serves numerous Fortune 500,Advisor. An American Visionary, Blockchain Innovator and Author of "How to invest in Initial Coin Offerings", a Serial Entrepreneur having started more than 12 FinTech Companies,Advisor. Co-Founder of Crypto Angel Partners and has over 9 years of leadership and advisory experience.
Oliver Fryer
Advisor. Co-Founder of Crypto Angel Partners. As an early investor of Ethereum, Power Ledger, and other successful crypto assets over the last two years
Yogesh Gaikwad
Advisor. Fintech entrepreneur from India with vast experience in growth hacking and fundraising for startups internationally
Elias Ahonen
Advisor. Founder & CEO of Token Valley, a global group offering professional consultancy for blockchain projects in the areas of strategy, whitepapers, website building, PR, and partnerships


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