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bookmark6.5 /10
team - good team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #payments
Jan 22nd 2018
5 months ago
Feb 19th 2018
4 months ago

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e-Pocket - more than you think

An advanced platform that delivers a sophisticated payment solution. Our range of services is diverse in a number of sectors including, Retail, Hospitality and Event management, E-billing and Marketing.

e-Pocket is a very innovatory system attached to an intuitive mobile banking app. It is designed to revolutionise the entire transactional system improving the way people buy, sell and manage money, a unique Fintech solution that is designed to fill the gap in the banking and financial industry.


e-Pocket is a startup to look out for, and the EPT is an excellent investment opportunity not to be missed for those looking for a great project to invest in!

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Tapha Faye B.B, N.E
Founder and CEO
Papa Gorgui Diop M.B, B.A
Director and COO
Igor Shparberg B.E, B.B
Director of External Relations


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