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Oct 3rd 2017
10 months ago
Nov 1st 2017
9 months ago

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Enjin ® ​is ​the ​largest gaming ​community ​creation ​platform ​online:

  • 250,000 gaming communities ​across ​thousands ​of ​games.
  • 18.7 ​million ​registered gamers
  • Launched ​in ​2009, based ​in ​Singapore
  • 60M global ​views ​per ​month
  • Gaming ​focused ​Content ​Management ​System ​and ​Forum ​creator
  • Millions ​of ​USD ​per ​month ​in virtual goods ​sales ​across ​Enjin community stores

Enjin® ​is ​introducing ​Enjin ​Coin ​(“ENJ”), ​a ​new ​cryptocurrency ​(ERC-20 ​Token) ​and ​smart contract ​platform ​that ​gives ​game ​developers, ​content ​creators ​and ​gaming ​communities the ​required ​crypto-backed ​value ​and ​tools ​for ​implementing ​and ​managing ​virtual ​goods. The ​Enjin ​platform ​will ​have ​full ​support ​for ​these ​tokens ​in ​the ​next ​6 ​months. Enjin ​will ​develop ​a ​powerful ​framework ​of ​open-source ​software ​development ​kits ​(SDKs), wallets, ​game ​plugins, ​virtual ​item ​management ​apps ​and ​a ​payment ​gateway ​platform


Maxim Blagov
CEO / Creative Director
Witek Radomski
Josh Woelfel
Full Stack Engineer
Vyacheslav Volkov
C# / Objective-C / Mobile Lead
Lilia Pritchard
Marketing / Operations
Brad Bayliss
Security Expert / Full Stack Engineer
Evan Lindsay
Java / Game Server Engineer
Chris Hirasawa
QA / Community Manager


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