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bookmark7 /10
team - good team
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - low
market - #serviceindustry
Feb 1st 2018
6 months ago
Mar 15th 2018
4 months ago

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EMU application loads the restaurant's service menu in user's native language. EMU account will also have user's bank cards, a crypto-currency wallet and other payment systems. 

Multilanguage. The menu has a multilanguage and multicurrency interface allowing you to switch to a convenient language and payment currency. The menu in your native language. There is more than 50 possible language packs

Countdown. Shows the actual time till the order will be served

Integration of payments. Allows customers to pay when they want and how they want. This can be a bank card, pay pal or even a crypto currency

The actuality of the menu. Description and photos of dishes. Only those dishes that are available with user comments and real photos

Integration into social networks. EMU allows you to share photos, ratings and comments on visiting the restaurant online. Twitter, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp. EMU unites social networks so that customers have a better choice

Ratings (Blockchain). Honest ratings, truthful reviews, only real people - no bots and cheating


Vadim Lomakin
Alex Yanovskiy
Andrey Seregin
Bogdan Bondarenko
Marketing Director
Pavel Karatai
Сhief technology officer
Ivan Sidorenko
Blockchain enthusiast
Vitaliy Mednai
Blockchain enthusiast
Mykola Kostyuk
Max Karatai
Senior Project Manager
Aleksey Salnichenko
Lead Software Engineer
Ruslan Levkov
Javascript Developer
Vladimir Ishukov
Evgen Meshkov
Android developer
Artur Antonyan
Android developer
Dmitry Stasyuk
iOS developer
Dmytro Kozlov
Software Engineer


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