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Feb 9th 2018
5 months ago
May 1st 2018
3 months ago

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--The ehab Platform--

A blockchain based platform which empowers people to collaboratively build and finance innovative, affordable housing projects.
We aim to subvert large developers and banks who currently control housing worldwide.

The end goal of the platform is to become a tool which enables the democratic creation of sustainable smart cities.

We record supply and demand data and our protocol analyses this to match up people with land, developers, designers and crowd investors to create and finance the ideal project.

We use DAO principles and mechanics to increase project efficiency.
Smart contracts enable automatic payments, and increase efficiency in time and cost over the development phase of the project.

Tokens enable seamless flow of value around the globe into projects.

Tokenised assets enable affordable shared ownership schemes and the completely liquid investment into asset backed projects.  

Ehab is a digital framework for collaborative value creation using an interconnected marketplace ecosystem, this is only made possible by the trust the blockchain brings.


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The ehab platform is a complete redesign of how housing, neighborhoods and cities are currently designed, financed and built. The platform puts people in control of the design, raises finance from the crowd and deploys small innovative developers to develop the projects.


The ehab mission is to remove the power from large housing developers and banks, who currently control housing and make huge returns on a product which delivers little social good and empower people to solve the global housing crisis.  


The ultimate vision is to develop a decentralised tool which enables the delivery of democratic, affordable, livable, sustainable smart cities.


--Traction so far--

We’ve already built collaborations with two significant housing developments, giving us a testing bed for developing our platform, securing our first project pipeline and generating revenue.  With only these two projects we have all the properties we need to develop to be profitable for the first 4 years of our operations. We are still in the process of working out deals for projects with 3 other organisations and will continue to gain more as we progress forward.


The current pipeline:


Bromford Labs - creating innovative solutions for social housing

  • Bromford is a housing association which manages 28,271 homes across the UK

  • One of the leading housing associations for pursuing innovative management and development processes.

  • We have partnered with Bromford to create completely new ways of delivering social housing in the UK.


They are aiming to build 5,300 homes in the next 5 years and we intend to support this goal.


The Cambridge-Norwich Tech Corridor - large scale project over a decade

  • The tech corridor project has garnered £500 million of investment

  • To create 24,000 new jobs

  • To build 20,000 new homes

  • This project is focused on creating high tech jobs and building on what are already  thriving tech scenes in the cities of Cambridge and Norwich, therefore a hightech method of housing delivery is complimentary with the aims of the project.


To support this project ehab will be a primary partner in helping deliver the 20,000 new homes in a completely new, digitally enhanced way.


Total project pipeline: 25,300 homes + large, currently unknown amount of commercial floorspace


We also have partnerships with world leading architects and innovative local developers to be part of these first projects.


--The platform--

The platform is the blockchain based system which will decentralise the creation and financing of urban environments. Using a combination of blockchain and other technologies the platform collects demand data, automatically matches users to housing projects based on this data, empowers a group of total strangers to co-design a project and reach consensus. It then facilitates the build process where we can make time and costs efficiency savings for the build process and we provide the funding environment for these projects through global and borderless crowdfunding.


The platform collects detailed housing demand information from people wanting and needing housing. This information is used to automatically match you to relevant developers and projects in the areas you want to live. The platform dynamically updates the information about both supply and demand meaning we can accurately address inefficiencies and improve housing supply from a position of complete knowledge over what is needed.


When a project is formed the users in that project are able to take design decisions about their own homes, and are empowered to collectively plan the housing project via blockchain based voting systems to reach a consensus on the neighbourhood’s designs. These designs are then drawn up and adapted by housing specialists to create a project many times better, and more tailored to the people who will actually live there, than any project a developer could produce alone.


Our layers of smart contracts cut costs by automatically sharing necessary information with project stakeholders based on different rules and criteria and through the automation of payments. This is just part of the digital project management system which helps developers, save time, money and translate plans into houses on the ground. Using this system has several benefits for developers from reducing payment delays to having complete traceability of materials. All the information from each project, including reviews and other qualitative data is then hashed and stored on the blockchain, so that anyone may view, audit or learn from the data associated with that project.


The platform uses tokens which interact with the smart contracts to allow for the seamless transfer of value between stakeholders in a project. These tokens also offer investors around the world the opportunity to invest in these new innovative projects and receive returns using a  token system which gives them a liquid and asset backed income.


This platform is modular and is therefore intended to be upgradable to accommodate the continuous evolution of housing and urban development and so we can continue to add value to our users and the network.


--Token sale--

The ehab token sale, will issue ehab tokens (EHBs) during the sale period. These tokens are application tokens which can be used in the platform ecosystem or sold on any of our partnered exchanges.


We will be selling 50% of the tokens in this TS (and pre-sale) and ehab will retain the remaining 50%. Tokens not sold in the sale will be frozen and ehab will only use them to maintain liquidity and, if needed, to run another TS for funding expansion.


We have selected a hard cap of 75,000 ETH

There will be a maximum of 4,502,000,000 EHB tokens possible

2,251,000,000 EHBs will be available over the course of the sale.


The ehab pre-sale will commence on the 9th of February 2018 at 12:00:00 GMT

This Pre-Sale will close on the 18th of February at 23:59:59 GMT

The main sale will commence on the 1st of March 2018

The TS and pre-sale will remain open for a full 81 days

The sale will close on the 31st of April at 23:59:59 GMT


Sale Stages:

Start Date


Amount of EHBs for 1 ETH



4 days




6 days




10 days




31 days




30 days



Sale funds distribution:


Josh Graham
Filipe Moura
Michael Williamson
Aaron Fickling
Brand Strategy / Design
Michael Stiff
Brand Strategy Consultation
Richard Patey
Online Marketing
Ricardo Oliveira
Blockchain Developer
André Feijó Meirelles
Blockchain Developer
Fausto Vanin
Solutions Architect
Juliano Lazzarotto
Blockchain Business Developer
Daniel Adornes
Blockchain Developer
Renan Kruger
Blockchain Developer
João Teló
Blockchain Developer


Linn Clabburn
Crowdfunding & infrastructure Advisor
Andrew Graham
Strategy, recruitment & scaling Advisor
Prof. Fabio Moura
Legal Counsel
Michael Lenis
Real Estate/US Market Advisor
Thomas Disley
UX & Innovation Strategy Advisor
Amin Rafiee
IT/Blockchain Advisor
Patrick Morselli
Global Expansion Strategy Advisor
Dr. Jane Thomason
Blockchain Social Impact & Emerging Markets Advisor


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