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competitors - some
market - #eSportbets
Feb 1st 2018
5 months ago
Feb 8th 2018
5 months ago

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eGold is a new digital currency for eSports betting, based on the Ethereum blockchain. eGold aims to unify eSports betting enthusiasts all around the world by offering an easy, quick, and secure alternative for betting on their favorite games – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, DOTA2, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and many others.

eGold team is composed of professionals with vast experience in iGaming, product development, operations, eSports, marketing and Blockchain technology. 


  • eGold is the ultimate eSports betting cryptocurrency aiming to disrupt the industry with an easy, quick and secure betting.
  • Decentralized and automated 
  • Transparent and secured 
  • Innovative payment method
  • eGold truly aims to unify gamers worldwide.
  • eGold will be integrated not only on one website – it will first be integrated into our newest website Buff88, after that it will be integrated into UltraPlay's client's network of more than 40 leading iGaming brands and lastly it would be integrated into other eSports betting websites.



The existing market problems in the eSports betting industry are transparency and security.

How can eGold resolve them? 

Every transaction with eGold will be recorded on the blockchain, so ANYTIME ANYWHERE ANY CUSTOMER can check them, which actively solves the transparency problem.

The blockchain functionality ensures that each bet once placed is locked until the match is over and your profits will be automatically paid out thanks to the smart contracts.

Token sale

The crowdsale of eGold will fund its initial development and adoption. Participation in the crowdsale will only occur with ETH and BTC currency, and will happen through Ethereum smart contracts, with audited smart contracts.

So, we chose a longer period sale to ensure the best possible wide distribution for eGold. The eGold token sale is set to start on January 21st, 2018. The token sale will end immediately after the hard cap is reached or on February 25th, 2018 – whichever of the conditions are met first.

Token abbreviature: EGL

After the end of the token sale when the tokens are listed on different exchanges, the index for them will be EGL.

Tokens will be immediately transferrable after the crowdsale. The total amount of tokens minted will be 8,888,888 eGold.

Token sale price and bonuses


The existing powerful network of clients, partners, and supporting organizations already established by UltraPlay is aiming to reinforce the whole ecosystem with the disruptive nature of eGold. As a pioneer in the Bitcoin gambling market, UltraPlay has successfully built a solid positive reputation and has firm positioning on a global scale. This makes us believe that our innovative ideas for the future of betting will encourage more online gaming operators to join the growing number of supporters and users of the Blockchain technology.
We plan to be listed on the leading stock exchanges that will be announced soon. 

We have also initiated and conducted research on the websites, using our Bitcoin betting solutions, in order to collect opinions on how eGold will be perceived among our wide database of players, how it is expected to evolve, what should be done by our team to improve the betting processes, and boost the idea of a new cryptocurrency dedicated to eSports betting.

The research states that 30% of the respondents express their positive opinion on the new cryptocurrency and said that it has the potential to reach its mission and be used by them because of its disruptive nature. Players using Bitcoin already are experiencing the outstanding features of the cutting-edge technology and are willing to try its advanced alternative while betting. The idea behind eGold is to unite all gamers around the globe through Blockchain technology and this is the foundation of the respondents to express their overall support of the project. After the planned successful launch of the flagship website Buff88, we plan to bring eGold to UltraPlay’s clients’ network, currently consisting of more than 40 leading iGaming operators. Preliminary discussions with our clients already show promise, with them looking forward to faster, easier and more secure betting. Our next goal is to spread the cutting-edge Blockchain technology of eGold to more online gaming platforms.

eGold will be the only currency on the Buff88 betting platform. Deposits and withdrawals will be executed through the Blockchain thus providing lightning speed transactions and high-level security. Accepting and paying out bets will be automated and implemented in smart contracts form to ensure fair and transparent performance.

The token sale must raise a minimum of 1 000 ETH in order to be considered a success. 
If this minimum goal is not reached, we will organize a second crowdsale.

Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH 

Maximum transaction amount: unlimited




Dariy Margaritov
Chief Executive Officer
Mario Ovcharov
Chief Commercial Officer
Lyubomira Petrova
Chief Marketing Officer
Elena Biserkova
Global Community Manager
Neli Kosturska
UI/UX Designer
Kamen Todorov
Technical Lead
Zhechko Vitchev
Front-End Developer


Ian Smith
eSports integrity commissioner at ESIC
Roger Szlatiner
eSports Advisor
Nikola Stojanow
Blockchain Advisor
Richard Hogg
iGaming Advisor
Gary Szlatiner
Gaming Advisor
Peter Ivanov
Trading Director


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