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marché - #financialservicesplatform
mai 1er 2018
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juin 1er 2018
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This year eCoinomic plans to launch a financial services platform based on cryptoassets. The prototype of lending service is in the final stage of development and the project requires an ICO funding in order to launch the public Alpha version. In the long term, the eCoinomic platform is intended to offer its users a wide range of services including exchange, transfer, financial management, virtual cards issuance and more, but the primary focus of the first stage of platform launch is secured fiat loans.

Fiat currency lending backed by cryptoassets is one of the most popular and apprehensible services to date on the cryptocurrency market and, when done right, it is one of the safest means of leveraging cryptoassets and fiat funds. 

In short, the mechanics of the eCoinomic platform are as follows: each registered user can make a loan application and establish the loan amount and interest rate. The platform allows for automatically searching and recommending a counterpart to sign a loan contract. Smart contracts deployed in the system regulate the lending processes and act as the guarantor for security and transparency of the loan operations. The technology provides automatic management of collateral cryptoassets, which takes all risks related to both human behavior and market dynamics into account. 

Why should you join eCoinomic ICO?


  1. The eCoinomic platform already has a working prototype. The Alpha release is scheduled for public testing after the successful Pre-Sale.
  2. The development team of eCoinomic platform pays particular attention to the financial safety of investors and creditors by refining the smart contracts that enforce the fulfillment of loan obligations. 
  3. The international team behind the project has 5 years of fintech experience and possesses a strong background in developing software products for the banking sector. They have a clear vision on how to set up worldwide payment transactions with fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  4. The eCoinomic head office is in London, UK and the operational office is in Tallinn, Estonia. The project has already signed a number of partnerships with international payment systems. 
  5. eCoinomic offers a fair level of discounts to the participants of Pre-Sale and ICO.


Aleksei Smolianov
Maksim Akulshin
Vitalii Topor
Managing Director/Co-Founder
Maria Smolianova
Business Development Director/Co-Founder
Alpamys Tatishev
Investor Relations Director
Nataly Bogdanova
Marketing Team Lead
Ilya Engalychev
Marketing Manager
Danil Ostanin
PR Manager
Tasha Sokolova
Digital Marketing Manager


Stewart Stewart
Investor Relations Advisor
Peter Vlasov
Technical advisor PhD, Ruhr University Bochum


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