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bookmark6.5 /10
team - good team
mvp - no
idea - hard to understand
competitors - low
market - #videocontent
Mar 5th 2018
4 months ago
Apr 20th 2018
3 months ago

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The IVEP (Interactive Video and Experience Protocol) "opportunity paper" is listed under the whitepaper section of the the site, however the first lines in the paper mention that a full whitepaper is forthcoming from IVEP. Mentions of whitepaper refer to this "opportunity paper". I have no idea what an 'opportunity paper' is but I would take anything it promises with a grain of salt. IVEP aims to develop and video-centric avertisement ecosystem that offers use for the users in the system. '''For advertisers. ''' • Gaining better metrics on the success of ad campaigns. • Verifying real human interaction For Publishers. • Quality content with advertiser friendly integration • Potential simplification of onboarding new advertisers once the ecosystem is complete For Content Creators. • Tools to create content that appeals to advertisers and publishers • Split royalties with necessary parties automatically • Get paid directly • Receive tips directly from their videos '''For Designers and Developers" • The dApp store will allow them to offer their services within the ecosystem. Items like templates or custom services can be offered and paid for. IVEP functions much like annotations on YouTube videos from the users point of view. The demonstration video shows the data coming from user interactions within the video, while the user experience shows overlays and annotations on top of the live video. Interactions within the videos are tracked and connected to necessary products or services. Dubdub's current app Dubcandy provides a glimpse into the product they are working on, where the user uploads videos in the form of product reviews and the links embedded in the video provide an income to the content creator through affiliate links. This is a basic form of what Dubtokens aims to achieve. IVEP aims to implement a system that identifies real human interaction in an attempt to eliminate click fraud and bot farms. It will attempt to do so by applying 'trust scores to users of the ecosystem. This includes developers and publishers as well. The score will continually be updated and change as the users interact with the platform.


Fred Dionne
CEO, Founder
Zbigniew Barwicz
Fahima Marissa Anwar
VP, Global Marketing


Sean Hutchison
Manie Eagar
Hilary Carter


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