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Feb 1st 2018
5 months ago
Mar 31st 2018
3 months ago

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Dolos is a decentralized, automated trading application for cryptocurrencies, forex, bonds, commodities, index futures, equities and CFD’s.  The Dolos will establish a new way of trading with our chart types and create more efficient and accurate methods to utilize market data. Dolos provide a platform from which to trade various financial markets using a very unique set of proprietary algorithms, and to automate the process so that anyone (professional or inexperienced trader) can use the system.

Our Dolos community is exclusive, and what we do is to enlighten our community, to change the traditional way of assessing data and trading criteria.

The entire world uses the same time intervals, the same selection of technical indicators, and methods that supposedly work on standardized data sets.

We are changing the rules and we believe this new disruptive way of trading and analyzing will create better indicators and superior algorithms. Dolos is unique in all aspects…


Lance Valkin
Trading Consultant


Jaco du Plooy
System Architec
Corne du Plooy
System Developer
Stefan du Plooy
Social Media


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