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team - mid-level team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Infrastructure #Platform
Apr 10th 2018
2 months ago
Jul 10th 2018
in 22 days

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Diveco Logistics is a project of the latest generation logistics platform and ERP system operating in the cloud, fully based on integrated Blockchain technologies and the IoT (Internet of Things) concept in the Tangle registry. 


The platform will be the cheapest, and at the same time the safest and most effective tool for business management. The use of Blockchain and Tangle registers in the ERP system will become a milestone in the development of resource management systems.


Diveco Logistics also plans to create several other products within the system. The combination of data from tachographs and GPS transmitters with Blockchain technology will effectively prevent attempts to falsify data and increase their transparency. Thanks to this solution, road safety will also increase, and entrepreneurs will gain the best quality tool for managing the work of drivers and fleet. 

What distinguishes the project is also the system of dividends to be introduced after the commercial launch of the system. Tokens will be the action of the company and depending on their number, the investor will be able to profit from it. 

It is difficult to imagine management of modern enterprise without an IT system for maintaining its resources. ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning systems) are often used for these purposes. Their task is to provide decision-makers with timely and accurate data, allowing them to take and implement necessary business decisions, optimizing the interaction of people, materials, machines and cash. All of this is in order to effectively achieve the goals set by the company and to implement all planned tasks in an efficient manner. A typical ERP system (a system for planning enterprise resources), consists of co-operating applications or modules, which use one common database for the entire system. Thanks to this, data entered is available immediately in all modules. Individual modules included in the ERP system automatically integrate in one place all the information necessary for users regarding the enterprise’s operations at all levels and in most of the management areas. Typical ERP systems combine planning, supply, sales, marketing, customer relations, finance and personnel management information. Therefore, they allow the optimal use of resources and organization of processes in the specific industry. An extremely important feature of ERP systems is their flexibility and the ability to adapt to the specifics of a given company.


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Filip Balcerzak
Karol Gryko
Business Development Manager
Patryk Szczyglo
Blockchain Developer
Dawid Kubacki
Online Coach and Investment
Lukasz Lukawczyk
GPS Systems Specialist
Magdalena Smyrek
Logistics Advisor
Piotr Rusek
Sales Consultant


Renata Beselea
Legal Advisor


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