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team - unknown
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - many
market - #Infrastructure #Platform #DigitalContent
May 27th 2018
2 months ago
Jul 22nd 2018
in 5 days

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DiCoBlock is a service that can enhance the transparency of the settlement and distribution of works and maximize the profit of the creator by applying block chain technology with strong security and transparency to the content distribution field to provide decentralization-based digital contents distribution service technology.


DiCoBlock service provides a way to secure the traceability, copyright information clarity and credibility in addition to the content distribution. The change of social perception through the establishment of a virtuous cycle structure has led to the expansion of the digital contents industry market, the protection of the rights of the creator, and the opportunity for recreation through fair and transparent settlement and distribution. The industry can expect changes in social perceptions. The rational use of content due to the direct transaction between the user and the creator. As the price increases, the rate of illegal circulation works will be reduced to expand the entire digital contents industry and monitor and supervise illegal distribution works. The cost will also decrease. As a result, it is possible to secure the mutual trust through promoting the creation and circulation of digital contents based on the expansion of trust between the creator and the user, securing transparency in settlement, and thereby, the digital contents use can be activated. As the flow of new content creators increases through activation, the digital content industry can grow and create a virtuous cycle structure in which authors' creative activities will be promoted.


kay mun
Jae kook Lee
Ethan Kim
Chae yun Lim
Young Woon Park
Chang Young Lee
Dong Hyun Kim
Sang Wook Park
Chae Moon Lim
Hyun Ki Jo


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