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Oct 1st 2017
10 months ago
Dec 31st 2017
7 months ago

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The Goal: Build a universally accepted online Fantasy Gaming token. DFS will feature its own collection of games on the Digital Fantasy Sports network. Allowing users to compete and win using their tokens. DFS will be the first ever ethereum blockchain based gaming token to be playable and easily exchangeable within exchanges. A currency that is unparalleled in the fantasy gaming world. Creating fun unique competitions allowing for individuals to exchange their winnings for other crypto investments. DFS (DFS) already has a MLB game completed that has been featured in The New Yorker. In addition, we have plenty more games in development and aim to have a NBA game ready to go in January 2018. DFS (DFS) will feature the 9 unique games for the following sports: NFL, MLB, NPB, NBA, MLS, FIFA, NHL, PGA, UFC, Boxing, Tennis, & NASCAR.


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