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Aug 20th 2017
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Sep 20th 2017
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DETECTOR is a blockchain based bot that monitors cryptocurrency & betting markets. The bot then notifies users instantly about altcoin pumps, suspicious betting game, dropping betting odds and live betting tips. DETECTOR is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency that uses an Altcoin Intelligence Bot to constantly monitor the market to develop signals that can be sent to traders to help them in making decisions on the altcoins to purchase or sell. Secondly, DETECTOR uses this intelligence bot to analyze matches to detect whether there are any suspicious betting activities and then sends signals to the users to warn them of the same. Thirdly, the DETECTOR algorithm is able to detect games with dropping odds and notifies the users to help them make appropriate betting decision. Fourth, the DETECTOR bot relies on its custom algorithm to provide its users with live betting tips to help them place appropriate wagers on matches and live events to maximize their winnings.

DetectorToken Roadmap

Roadmap for 2017


Tomasz Mazur
Dawid Koralewski
Adam Kowal


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