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What is DENTALFIX building and how?

DENTALFIX is a cybersecurity blockchain-based distributed electronic medical record network. Think of us a bridge that connects siloed, centralized EMR systems. Healthcare entities can secure private health information, rent computing power, servers and data centers and make their unused resources available through a unique private infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. From the platform, smart contracts can be executed in relation to the patient care payment cycle.

Why is DENTALFIX necessary?

There is a growing demand for healthcare cyber security solutions and computing power from the health and scientific community to run large applications and process huge volumes of data. Large volumes of patient health information can be supported which can further be utilized by Artificial Intelligence for accurate patient treatment. - Healthcare Dapps (blockchain-based applications) that need private off-chain computation. - High Performance Computing, Big Data, machine learning for care treatment (shorter time-to-diagnosis, reduced administrative costs). - Future healthcare distributed applications that will require new form of decentralized infrastructure see Edge/Fog computing, ambient AI, IoT + Big Data, distributed deep learning, parallel stream processing etc.

How does DENTALFIX work for patients?

DENTALFIX allows patients to create an individual profile. On this profile, they store their medical information on a secure, HIPAA-compliant blockchain platform. Then they can connect with care providers as well as other patients who have similar health issues or concerns. This allows patients greater control over their overall health across multiple care teams, both inside and outside the hospital.


Sergey Safronov
Founder, CMO and BizDev
Anton Borisov
Co-Founder, DevOps
Polina Fadeeva
Head of sales
Alexey Borisov
Co-founder, Dental Industry Development Catalyst
Denis Satyukov
Head of development


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