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team - good team
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - some
market - #Media #Platform #Music
Jun 22nd 2018
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Jul 31st 2018
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Dench Music is a Dutch full-service music production company that produces music and music videos, recruits and manages musical talent, and provides a full suite of music production and music distribution services for domestic and international markets. Dench Music is launching an ICO to fund its expansion into the for-profit production of best of class, popular music videos using A-list artists who are partnered with talented, but not yet globally famous, DJs. Dench Music seeks to engage potential investors in the company. Our vision is for everyone to be able to participate in the creation of songs from their favourite artists, to interact with the music industry, to gain access to interaction and benefits that have never been offered before using decentralised processes and Blockchain technology. Our participants will enjoy receiving direct profits while enriching the world with great music. Our goal is to raise 35 million EUR in ETH through this ICO. The Soft cap is 500,000 EUR which will cover the approximate expenses for one project. The more we raise, the more songs and videos will be created, resulting in bigger profit sharing for investors. The exchange rate that will estimate the final number of ETH needing to be raised will be established two days before the start of the Whitelist sale. Since we are already an established company, we do not need funds to build any infrastructure. The capital raised will be fully used to cover expenses of song creation and marketing related costs to optimise profitability for our investors and artists. We anticipate the funds to cover the direct expenses of approximately 40-50 projects, depending on the artists and related marketing efforts.



Adam Curry
Mabricio Margarita
Creator of Opportunities
Goerardus van Goor
Chief Financial Officer
Michael de Neef
Marloes Jansen
Hidde Olland
Producer and DJ
Niek Hendriks
Jurre Hofman
Producer and DJ
Lema Vierbergen
Robert Scherpenisse
Producer and DJ
Vincent Esajas
Producer and DJ
Roberto Silven
Producer and DJ
Jelte Huizing
Jabrane Chergui
Singer / Songwriter
Kyky Videl
Singer / Songwriter
Kyara Shereen
Singer / Songwriter
Patrick Ost
Strategic Partner | Cofounder of Aces Music Records
Bjorn Sno
Strategic Partner | Founder of Aces Music Records


Erik Huggers
Former CEO of VEVO
Clyde Narain "DJ Chuckie"
International Artist
Ineabell Diaz
International Topliner
Unico Glorie
Music Industry Professional
Adela Skotak
ICO Analyst


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