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team - good team

mvp - yes 

idea - good 

competitors - many 

market - #financial

Dec 18th 2017
5 months ago
Feb 22nd 2018
3 months ago

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DataTrading is an innovative project in the world of trading and consulting, which provides a set of analytical and forecasting tools for trading in stock and crypto exchange markets and is completely based on artificial intelligence. Big Data Trading Limited was registered as a legal entity on January 23, 2017 with a representative office in Hong Kong. With the support of a professional team and investors, DataTrading already has a developed MVP that shows results, which exceed many trading strategies in terms of profitability.

DataTrading aims to make the use of artificial intelligence affordable and convenient for traders so they can trade on the stock exchanges without the need to study of the mathematical foundations of this technology. We want to offer traders a ready-made toolkit that will help them trade on different stock exchanges and to receive the income, which is higher than the market level. We expect that even a novice trader will be able to get a good profit and increase his professionalism with DataTrading trading advisor. In addition, anyone who is interested in these technologies will be able to develop their own model of artificial intelligence on the DataTrading platform even without special education and use it for their own trade or for sale to other users of the system.


Anton Vokrug
Alexander Gandzha
Li Yongjin
Lead Partner
Li YongGang
Lead Partner
Dmitry Tomchuk
Managing partner


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