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team - very strong team

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idea - interesting 

competitors - low 

Dec 1st 2017
7 months ago
Dec 8th 2017
6 months ago

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CycloShieldCoin (CYS) is a cryptocurrency accompanied by a real world gadget, an app and a potentially huge customer base. This coin is our take on the growing market of cyclists by providing them with a means of payment, reward system and bringing the concept of cryptocurrency to a more general audience of users. Built upon the foundation of Ethereum, users of the existing Ethereum cryptocurrency will not face difficulty in adopting CYS and newcomers to cryptocurrency will find plenty of educa-

tional resources and our own Online Token Store where corporate users will be able to buy CYS with credit cards that will use later on to pay for ads in our app or buy our gadget.


Our physical gadget CycloShield Nano is the evolved version of CycloShield which debuted on Kickstarter, the former version did not meet its hefty funding goal; however, we listened to the community and are ready to present a superior product. The new version is smaller, lighter and cheaper. We have added new features such as a panoramic video recorder.


Cyclists, regardless of being professional sportspeople or commuters, spend a high deal of time on the road. By minting CYS we will bolster healthy activity and information exchange across cyclists, rewarding their efforts with CYSs and offering value to advertisers which could cater to our targeted user-base. To do so, advertisers will have to obtain CYS tokens as that is the only way to pay for Ads on our platform . This coin is a token implemented on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 compatible token. CYS will have intrinsic value because it rewards users for their athletic achievements, can be used as a payment method on our store, a payment method to third parties (other people). CYS on our store can be used to purchase the physical gadget, advertisements on our platform and other real-world services. With this token, you are not banking only on the CycloShield Nano but on other products we have in the pipeline.

CYS is the only token targeting the cyclists market. We will show ads in our official App, and we will only accept tokens CYS as payment for the ads. Also we will burn 20% of each payment, reducing the amount of CYS we will push the price up. Also the company will buy CYS in the market because we will reward users with tokens for information about the use of our device.


Francisco Martin
Tanausu Tejera
Javier Fabrega
Head of Design
Luis Lopez
Product Manager


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