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Oct 5th 2017
8 months ago
Nov 2nd 2017
7 months ago

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 The next phase in the evolution of the event ticket. A secure, transparent, blockchain ecosystem for the event ticket sales industry, empowering organizers to control the entire ticket lifecycle whilst eliminating fraud. Technology Evolves to Transform Everyday Life. We live in a time of rapid technological advancement. Analog media was replaced by CDs and DVDs, and later transformed into encrypted digital with built in intellectual property protection. Money went from coin and paper to credit cards and now cryptocurrencies. In both cases it was the emergence of new technologies and platforms that enabled the next phase in the evolution. But what about event tickets? Paper tickets have evolved into e-tickets, making them accessible on electronic devices, but gaining little in terms of security. Furthermore, online ticket bots now account for a significant part of primary market ticket purchases, siphoning off profits from artists and event producers whilst increasing prices for consumers who are stuck buying tickets in the opaque and fraudulent secondary market. What we observe is a spectacular opportunity, and while attempts to date have been unsuccessful, we believe we have the right technology and team to transform this marketplace.


Egor Egerev
CEO, founder, product manager
Ilya Sergeenko
Moscow State University graduate
Katerina Kirillova
Co-founder, strategy & business development, executive MBA


Philippe Chevry
Alexander Tkachenko
Founder and managing partner of venture fund


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