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team - mid-level team
mvp - yes
idea - interesting
competitors - many
Feb 26th 2018
5 months ago
Apr 2nd 2018
4 months ago

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 Today, cryptocurrency world is a huge investment field, where people earn benefits as fast as possible. High volatility rate (it even goes up to 30% in 24hr.) creates perfect possibilities to earn and raise money, but sometimes its opposite side shows up and people "loose" all their investments.

 There are tonns of ways to raise money, funds and exchange platforms offer their services, but when people avtually want to earn something it is not enough to be lucky, it is neccessary to have financial skills and analytic mind. Even though some "traders" raise lots of money using their "sixth feeling", but it should be mentioned that cryptocurrency world is controlled by "feeling and thoughts" of the mob.


Project's goal


First of, we want to create a place, where people would be able to let professionals earn money using their investments.


Our top advantages


    • We created a synchronization mechanism, which wokrs with 4 biggest exchange platforms already. (Kraken, Bitmex, Bitfinex, Poloniex).

    • Our platform generates new wallets for brokerage traders every time whey get new investments. Using a smart-contract we create a safe way to let other people "use" money of the investors for purpose.

    • Dobule-step storage system lets us syncronize all data in real-time.

    • Build on top of IPFS storage system offers a great opportuninty of raising money for those, who let us store data on their computers.

    • Two-step storage lets people receive information at any time using P2P systme of IPFS (the most important information is always online).

    • Our own tokens are used for transaction safety and keep traders "in platform", what makes it more reliable than any fund today.


Why mankind needs such project?


    The raising popularity of cryptocurrencies made a huge effort on conneting people, using one network for their exchanges. Lots of people are ready to receive payments and invest money in cryptocurrecies, but "popular investment way" is a bad practice for mobs, because of the lack of financial education. Even though there are lots of traders, who know how to controll rates and invest their funds. For those traders it is easier to use bigger summs of money to have a better opportunities to invest and controll the situation. There still is no "place", where people coult find professional traders and lend them their money in order to owe more later, so the traders would be able to have more possibilities to raise funds.


Alexandr Grebenko
Ivan Vishnevsky
Alexandr Grebenko
Tural Ibadov
Ilya Noskov


Anton Kobak
Stanislav Kapulkin
Vladimir Shibanov


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