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market - lending
Jan 25th 2018
6 months ago
Feb 28th 2018
5 months ago

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Cryptoneum is a decentralized lending platform using AI trading bot.

Users can earn daily interests once the lending program starts after the ICO. 

Our experienced team of traders and financial experts use different strategy featuring

multiple AI tradebots running to generate profits for our lending program.

The whitepaper gives detailed explanation of the different strategies like

auto trading, arbitrage, forcasting price movements etc behind our lending program. 

Once the ICO gets over, it will be listed on the exchanges which will skyrocket its 

price just like any other lending ICO . So a user can easily make 10X-15X gains just 

by selling it on exchanges after ICO. Total 8 million coins will be sold in the ICO 

which start on 25th Jan 2018. Price increases every round.Starting price is 0.70$/ CRP.

12% referral bonus for your downlines.



Jose Loth
Lead developer


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