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Dec 13th 2017
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Mar 15th 2018
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CryptF presents a simple way to invest cryptocurrency in traditional international markets and diversify your portfolio while managing risk.

ICO Stage: Token Reservation

Next round begins on the 4th of January 2018

Anytime prior to the pre-ICO or between the investment rounds you can reserve a desired number of tokens.

Token reservation is awarded an extra 5% bonus!

Take part in an ICO for savvy investors!


We create a simple to understand product allowing you to invest cryptocurrency into reliable and profitable financial instruments.

You will be able to invest cryptocurrency by purchasing any of the three CryptF coins. Additional cryptocoins will give you access to new stocks and bonds as we expand.


Investments raised throughout the ICO will accelerate the launch of the project as well as provide the strategic marketing necessary for the rapid growth of the coins in circulation. Increasing the number of coins will directly translate into the earnings growth.

Raised funds are to be spent on the creation of infrastructure, development of our products, organisation of crypto-exchange trading, and support coin liquidity.


40% of the company profit will be proportionally distributed among token-holders on a quarterly basis.

The revenue of the company is composed of commission-based income from coin buy / sell transactions and commissions for coin service and support.


Number of tokens

15,000,000 CPTF


13–26 December 2017

Max bonus


up to 50 ЕТН +15%

50–100 ETH +20%

101–150 ETH +25%

over 150 ETH +40%

ICO Round 1

Number of tokens

30,000,000 CPTF


4–24 January 2018

Max bonus


up to 50 ЕТН +10%

50–100 ETH +15%

101–150 ETH +20%

over 150 ETH +30%

ICO Round 2

Number of tokens

6,000,000 CPTF


8–21 Febrary 2018

Max bonus


up to 50 ЕТН +5%

50–100 ETH +10%

101–150 ETH +15%

over 150 ETH +20%

ICO Round 3

Number of tokens

12,000,000 CPTF


1–14 March 2018

Max bonus


101–150 ETH +5%

over 150 ETH +10%

Bonuses are awarded independently, for each token purchase.

In addition to Ethereum, tokens can also be purchased with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (requires a website account).

About tokens

We emit CPTF tokens. Tokens do not expire and allow owners to take part in the quarterly earnings distribution. Earnings per token are to be transferred to ETH using CPTF smart-contracts.

Once the ICO is over, tokens can be traded on crypto-exchanges. Unsold tokens are to be disposed of.

Token Name


Total Issue Volume

90,000,000 tokens is the total issue volume

Soft Cap

USD 150,000 (ETH 500)
Minimum amount required for the project to proceed

Are Tokens Regulated?

Yes, unsold tokens to be disposed of

Initial Price

ETH 0.001 per token

Token Distribution

70% of tokens are available for sale during ICO, 21% is the company reserve, 9% is the team pool 

ICO Stages

CPTF token sale is happening in 4 stages: Pre-ICO, ICO 1st round, ICO 2nd round and the final ICO 3rd round. Token volume is strictly limited to maintain a healthy revenue for each token holder and ensure CPTF tokens remain valuable on the crypto-exchanges.

Please note that anytime either prior to the pre-ICO starts or between the investment rounds you may reserve a desired number of tokens using the "Reserve Tokens" function in your account on the website.

Token reservation is awarded an extra 5% bonus!

ICO process

Pre-ICO starts on the 13th of December. Funds can be transferred in BTC, BCC (Bitcoin Cash) or ETH. Addresses for the transactions will be published on this website. If you are using a non-ETH cryptocurrency it is necessary to create an account to authorize an address for the transaction and an Ethereum address to receive the CPTF tokens. It is not necessary for purchases to be made with Ethereum, as CPTF tokens will automatically be transferred to the Ethereum payee address.

Modern way to diversify

CryptF presents a set of cryptocoins backed by blue-chip stocks and bonds. Each coin is hard-wired to specified securities and is guaranteed to cost the same. Buying and selling CryptF coins is the most simple and affordable alternative to trading on a traditional stock exchange.

CFIT coin

Stocks of the Top 5 US technology companies

+37.9% annual growth

CFBND coin

International high-yielding bonds

+12.72% annual growth

CFGM coin

Stocks of the largest game publishers

+58.6% annual growth

Annual growth rate of the corresponding stocks and bonds for the 2016–2017

CryptF coins advantages

CryptF coins are much easier to buy than obtaining stocks and bonds on a traditional exchange.

Coin price will always match the current value of linked investments.

With 0.01 of a coin price as the minimum purchase amount, investing in popular shares and bonds is now affordable.

Buying CryptF coins allows to "park" your cryptoassets for as short as a few minutes and for as long as you like. Extreme volatility, a characteristic of cryptocurrencies, is no longer a concern.

Regular audits and broker verified reports will ensure maximum transparency of CryptF securities accounts.

CryptF coins are created via physical replication: securities linked to an issued coin are obtained by CryptF to guarantee the coin price matches the current securities market price.


What is CPTF token?

CPTF token entitles token holder to receive part of the company profit. This token will be freely traded on crypto-exchanges and directly between individual cryptowallets. CPTF token is not a security.

What are CryptF coins? How does it work?

CryptF cryptocoins are blockchain based collective investment products. Coins are traded on a crypto-exchanges like any other cryptocoin and are available for anyone to purchase.

What makes CryptF coins different is the fact that they are backed by blue-chip stocks and bonds. Coin price is hard-wired to the current market value of the linked securities.

What are CryptF coins in a nutshell?

CryptF coins provide the most simple and affordable alternative to trading on a traditional stock exchange.

How can I verify that all stocks / bonds included in a coin are actually owned by CryptF?

CryptF coins are created via physical replication: all securities that are linked to a coin are purchased by CryptF.

We plan to regularly undertake audits and issue broker verified reports to provide maximum transparency of CryptF securities accounts.

What are the advantages of CryptF coins?

Ability to participate in the global financial markets straight from your cryptowallet
Coin price kept as close as possible to a corresponding shares or bonds index
Transparent portfolio
Low operational costs for investors
High liquidity of the coins. CryptF guarantees unconditional coin buyback from investors either directly or on crypto-exchange.

Why should I buy CryptF coins rather than keep money in BTC and ETH?

By diversifying your crypto portfolio you minimize risk of a potential loss on the crypto markets.

Popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are extremely volatile exposing you to market drops. To achieve stability with your cryptocurrency portfolio we recommend purchasing CryptF coins.

A suggested optimal split of a cryptocurrency portfolio is 30-40% in CFIT and CFGM coins with a medium risk level, 40-50% in CFBND coins with a low risk level and 15-25% in Bitcoins and Ethereum with a high level of risk.

While cryptocurrencies are all the rage, stocks of well known companies can produce a comparable return with a much smaller risk. For instance, Facebook shares (part of our CFIT coin) has grown by a factor of 8x in the past few years.

Why should I buy CryptF coins rather than purchase stocks and bonds directly on a traditional exchange?

If you own cryptocurrency, CryptF is the easiest way to reach international markets such as the US, Japan, Germany, UK, and Euro bonds.

Another factor is that in order to buy all the stocks included, for example, in CFIT coin (FAANG: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet (Google)) you would need to do several trades, pay commission on each trade and pay for the full shares, which are quite expensive.

With CryptF, you can invest into the equivalent of the same stock for any amount you are comfortable with simply by purchasing CryptF coins either on crypto-exchanges or directly on our website.

Does investor experience losses if stock exchange index goes down?

Our cryptocoins are hard-wired to the prices of the corresponding indexes and stocks therefore coin prices will follow. While prices can go down in a short term, general consensus is that they are expected to continue to grow long-term.

An average yield of the American stock market is around 6-7% annually. The compound growth effect allows doubling your capital in 11-12 years. If you buy CFIT coin you will invest in the most reliable companies in their segment. This includes Apple stock which has been invested in by the biggest players on the market such as Warren Buffet, George Soros and David Einhorn. They count on a stable and predictable growth which is not the case with highly volatile Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How liquid are CryptF coins? How can I sell them?

We guarantee unconditional CryptF coin buyback either directly via the website or on a crypto-exchange.

What is the minimum supported investment into CryptF coins?

The minimum investment is 0.01 of a coin cost, which is in turn 1% of a cost of the equivalent stock and bond package.

What commissions does CryptF charge?

Actual commissions depend on multiple factors and are recalculated daily but capped to 1.95% pa.

How does CryptF make money?

CryptF earnings are composed of commission-based income from coin buy / sell transactions and commissions for coin service and support. Latter depends on an overall operational expenses, calculated daily but is capped to 1.95% pa.


Core Team

Anton Tenitsky


Operations, Marketing

Coming from an entertainment industry, today Anton is a serial entrepreneur with an strong focus on business strategy, marketing and product development. He is an active investor in New Zealand companies with a keen interest in cryptomarkets.

Alexei Tenitsky


Architecture, Development

Alexei is a specialist in building heavy traffic highly available web applications with 15+ years of experience. His knowledge and skills play the key role in the development of CryptF platform.

Jordan Olson

Blockchain Advisor

Crypto Development

Jordan has been a scholar of blockchain technologies and a bitcoin proponent since 2012. His years of software development for Hollywood and international productions in Canada and New Zealand has seen him build a sought-after role in data technologies.

Danil Biktudin

Trading Advisor

Investment Consulting

Danil is an experienced algorithmic derivatives trader with over 8 years of involvement in stocks, FX, futures and options. He has worked for proprietary trading companies in Sydney and Auckland. He is an expert in high volume high frequency market-making and Danil’s general market expertise is invaluable.

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Anton Tenitsky
Alexei Tenitsky


Jordan Olson
Blockchain Advisor
Danil Biktudin
Trading Advisor


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