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team - unknown
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Entertainment #Platform #Lottery
Apr 23rd 2018
2 months ago
Jun 12th 2018
9 days ago

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CRYDE is a revolutionary raffle platform based on the blockchain, where users can win their dream cars every single week.
CRYDE's main features:

Easy To Use
Most lotteries and raffles have difficult interfaces. At CRYDE, we will make sure to design and develop one of the most easy to use interfaces, with one-click buying available, providing a convenient, fast and secure user experience.


Truly Transparent Draws
It is questionable if traditional raffles provide a fair play. CRYDE's raffle system will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, and will be using a secure Random Number Generator based on the Bitcoin decentralized protocol. The smart contracts will be available for inspection, every draw will be transparent and verifiable by anyone. This provides the base solution for collecting funds, drawing winning numbers in a truly random way, and paying profit dividends to the token holders.


Guaranteed Winner Every Week
CRYDE is not a lottery. There will be somebody going home with their dream car every single week.


Potential to Grow
Winning a dream car may not be the end. A poll will be held every quarter (Starting from 2019 Q1), where CRYDE token holders can vote on what to add next to the possible winnings list.



Aaron Boldog
COO, Product Manager
George Toth
CEO, SEO and Sales Expert
Claudia Szalma
UI/UX Designer
Daniel Toth
CTO, Lead Developer


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