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Sep 15th 2017
10 months ago
Dec 15th 2017
7 months ago

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Users who invest in cryptocurrency often have little visibility of where the value of their investment went. There are no mathematical standards for cryptocurrencies to evaluate value at this time, resulting in a lack of stabilization within the market. Currently, faster miners must limit themselves while mining some currencies to allow the market's hash rate to keep up, which dramatically increases spend or withdrawal time. This is why we’ve created CrowdCoin. CrowdCoin’s mission is to stabilize the cryptocurrency market with its new hash of proof algorithms. Much like Bytecoin, CrowdCoin can create more blocks and mine much faster, and it is capable of being mined similar to the processes of verifying Satoshis or Ether's Finneys. Also, it can be mined by ASIC, Non-ASIC or cryptonote compliant hardware. Because of this new standard, all cryptocurrencies will be more spendable and have faster transaction time after the cryptocurrency market embraces CrowdCoin.


MQT Crypto Team
Business Development
Andrew Kamal
CEO & Founder


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