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team - very strong team 

mvp - no 

idea - good 

competitors - many 

market - #ecommerce

Nov 15th 2017
4 days ago
Dec 15th 2017
in a month

Crassula decentralizes payment processing, liquidity, clearinghouse custodianship to help resolve payments across emerging payment networks. Crassula Ecosystem will be built on private expandable framework providing a new level of auditability, and unparalleled security, combined with privacy and efficiency. Crassula Ecosystem will be created with 3 products: Crassula Pay, Crassula Open and Crassula Wallet.


Daria Dubinina
Vadim Kalukhov
Vladislav Nikolayev
Anatoly Ressin
Blockchain Architect
Evgeny Sheinin
Pavel Voitekhovich
Senior software developer
Andrew Ponochovnyi
UI/UX designer
Vladimir Mantulo
Software developer
Marina Armane
Financial assistant
Kateryna Bondarenko
Community manager
Natalia Drik
Community manager


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