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CPROP’s mission is to drive standardization, automation and validation in transactional real estate to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve accuracy and reduce risks for all stakeholders using blockchain technology. The CPROP platform will be accessed via web or mobile app providing a highly effective way for all users to find and interact/transact with one another.

Essential details of each transaction should be transparently, securely, and immutably recorded using existing blockchain, smart contract, encryption, GPS, and scalable storage solutions. Where they add value, existing services like multiple listing services (MLS’s), digital financing, e-signatures, escrow services, document storage, and translation are planned to be integrated into our flexible and scalable platform to break down the barriers of language, process, currency, and location.

While CPROP is designed principally as a P2P platform, it may be leveraged by brokers, financial institutions, title, and mortgage companies should be able to create additional channels to market while enhancing transparency and reducing costs and risk.


Adam Koehler
Sanford Selman
Fabiano Távora
Jay Fortin
Eric Wang
Saleh Bawazir
Luke Sestito
Justin Davis
James Spence
Steve Weathers
Jon Zinman
Nick Selman
Jeremy Begley


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