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Jun 18th 2017
a year ago
Jul 26th 2017
10 months ago

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CORION Platform is hosted on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. It consists of more separate smart contracts, implemented in Solidity language. The 7 features will accelerate mainstream adoption and invite businesses, as it contains P2P connections between users and service providers, a properly constructed incentive system, a user- friendly multifunctional wallet for interactions, a stable priced coin, which is a universal payment asset, a secure P2P exchange, a premium token and a relaxing “game”, which is the basis of our automated price stabilization method. The opportunities created by Bitcoin and blockchain are used by only 8-10 million people. The cryptocurrency innovations are valuable for humanity. The next step is to increase the cryptocurrency user base significantly (above 100 million people). Usage of digital currencies must be simple, predictable and user-friendly.

With built-in inflation and deflation protection, CORION stays stable, protecting users and ensuring the Platform’s bright future. CORION’s stability allows businesses to be built on the Platform and thrive, and products and services to be distributed without boundaries.


Miklós Denkler
FinTech & Sales expert
Attila Dancs
Blockchain business expert
Andor "iFA" Rajci
Core developer
Zoltán Bor
Cryptocoin expert
Máté Tokay
Crypto strategist
Zsombor Deics
Development manager
Jeff Burton
Serial entrepreneur
Ida Foyda
Sales, marketing
Gábor Csizmazia Dr.
Marketing automation
Gábor Gajdos
Frontend Developer
István Kele
Art direction
Rupert Várnai
Asian business expert
Krisztián Száraz
SEO Expert


Dániel Nagy A.
Technical Advisor Ethereum Core Developer.
Zsolt Németh
Security advisor
Michael Terpin
PR Advisor CEO at Transform Group; Chairman at BitAngels
Zsolt Kukorelly Dr.
Algorythm advisor
Pál Kukorelly Dr.
Fiscal advisor
Ádám Zebegnyei
Legal advisor


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